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With Mother’s Day this weekend, the Complete Savings blog is taking a look at how people around the world like to pamper their mothers on this special day. A recent comprehensive survey by the American National Retail Federation (NRF) examined Mother’s day shopping trends in great detail, including average spend and the most popular presents. Americans love to go all out, with the average consumer spending $168.94 treating their mother! In the UK, the average spend is £27.37. We couldn’t track down the average spend in Ireland, but the cult of the Irish Mammy is strong, and no matter what your budget, we know you’ll do your best to make her smile.

flowers firm favourites

The clear winner in the NRF gift survey was flowers. 68.2% of respondents said they’d be giving their mother a bouquet for the occasion. Carnations are especially associated with the holiday, a tradition that originated in 1907, in American, when Anna Jarvis established the celebration in that country.

The runners up for most popular gifts were: gift vouchers (41.5%), jewellery (34.4%), and clothing/accessories (33.3%).

nothing beats a handwritten card

The most popular gesture remains a greeting card, with 81% of respondents saying that they would be buying a card. That’s lucky, because a thoughtful card is popular with mothers, too! Over in the UK, the Royal Mail invested in research to find out what really makes Mam’s day. They partnered with an independent research lab to run an experiment. Volunteer mothers were hooked up with a cap and electrodes which measured their emotional response to handwritten letters and cards vs. emails and social media messages. The handwritten messages generated a greater positive emotional response, as you might have guessed.

So there’s no excuse! Remember your mother this Sunday, and you’ll make her whole year. What are your Mother’s Day plans? The Complete Savings blog would love to hear all about it.


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