CompleteSavings – Rugby, Luggage and Flying Backwards

Rugby Fans

There has been a wide range of interesting articles, research and reports following the recent spell of good weather. Here’s CompleteSavings’ selection of this week’s highlights.

Rugby tourism boosts Australian economy in June

British and Irish Lions have descended upon Australia for the recent once-in-12-year rugby test series.

According to the Reuters article, the arrival of the UK and Irish rugby fans contributed to a 7.6% increase of visitors to Australia in June.

Tourism Australia estimated that the 30,000 British tourists generated up to €105m to the national economy. Not bad for a couple of games of rugby!

Detailed figures for Ireland are yet to be released. (Source

Flying backwards in the future?

This week the reported on the possibility of implementing three-point seatbelts and rear-facing seats in the future for safety reasons.

According to David Learmount, former RAF pilot and current operations and safety editors at, the rear-facing seats are a safer solution in the event of a crash.

The Naval Aviation News reported in 1952 about the suggested usage of safer backward facing seats, while a scientist at the University of Michigan released a paper twenty years later concluding that ‘the seated occupant can tolerate much higher crash forces when oriented in the rearward-facing position.’

Despite the recent interest of the seats in the press, rearward-facing seats aren’t really a new thing; corporate jets and military airplanes have been using these seats for years. But will we see these type of seats in the near future in commercial aviation? Doubtful… (Source

Lost Luggage? That’s so 2012!

According to Airbus, the problem of lost and missing luggage costs the aviation industry over €2.34 billion a year.

Bag2go is the name of Airbus’ prototype to make an end to the nuisance of losing luggage.

The technology has an embedded satellite tracker ad barcode display, which allows the user to track the suitcase via a smartphone.
The new technology also alerts the traveller when the bag is opened or tampered with during transit.

Airbus hasn’t announced when we can expect this technology, nor the additional costs to travellers. (Source Huffington Post)

(Image by Kitt Foo, usage under a Creative Commons license)

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